Discover our Awnings

Box Awnings


We make your box awning ourselves, personalising it to your wants and needs, ensuring it is a perfect fit.

Styles for all tastes

From timeless to modern, choose the design to suit your home. And how about some mood lighting?

Vertical Awnings

Steadfast protection

Shielding you from the wind and sun, our vertical awnings hold fast against winds of up to 100km/hour.

Keep your view

That's the beauty of this design – opt between full protection, your stunning views, or a bit of both for good measure.

Conservatory Awnings

Moulded to your home

Already have a pergola, beams or a conservatory? Have your awning fitted perfectly over pre-existing structures.

The perks of an awning

The perks of protection from the elements, without altering what's already there. Cosy and practical!

Hybrid Awnings

365-day-a-year protection

Rain or shine, wind or ice, ensure maximum comfort in your outdoor areas at the push of a button.

Seamless installation and use

Easy to mount and even easier to use, choose how you want your awnings positioned and watch as they slide into place.


Fabrics for every occasion

From colours, textures, shapes, uses and even energetic efficiency, we're sure to stock the right fabric for your needs.

Comfort and ease

Providing solar and thermal protection, our fabrics are also water and dirt repellent - easy to maintain and durable.