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Glatz Umbrella

Glatz's Umbrellas

Custom-made giant sunshades

High-quality, custom-made shades for all occasions, provided withmatching accessories for style and safety in any garden.

Meeting the Highest of Standards

From design to user comfort, Glatz Umbrellas exceed expectations with their individual, innovative product solutions.

May's Umbrellas

Parasols for every need

Providing both variety and style, this family business prides itself on German-made quality products for every occasion.

Products to go with your Parasol

A parasol to meet your design and shading needs provided alongside the accessories required to get the very best from it.

May Umbrella
Granite Umbrella Base


Fixed or Mobile

Whether you want your shade in a fixed spot or need it to be mobile, we provide custom solutions adapted to your requirements.

Wheeled and scratch-free

Innovative, mobile wheeled systems mean relocating your umbrella is effortless and doesn’t damage your floors, meeting all your shading needs.