When you made that investment into your dream home in the Algarve, we’d bet you pictured a BBQ area, almost certainly dreamed of a pool, and put some thought into how you could block out some of the sun for maximum comfort in your garden. But did you think about the rainy days?

Though they may be few and far between, we have to admit we’ve been more affected by them this year – could it be because we’ve been stuck at home more, or because of the sudden increase in rainfall when compared to last year?

Either way, with the rainy season upon us once again, we’ve been dreaming of the best outdoor areas for rainy days – ones that let you hear the soft patter of raindrops while keeping you warm and snug in your own carefully-designed garden escape.

Ready to hear some of our best ideas? (Even if we do say so ourselves).

Outdoor living pods!

Outside rooms are all the range at the moment, and while your outdoor kitchen and living areas might be the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon, they’re not the place for a rainy day. So have you considered a pergola or living pod with retractable walls and roof? While they might be perfect for blocking out the sun, they also provide a barrier from the rain, keeping you closer to nature without the need for an umbrella or raincoat.

”The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.”

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

But that’s just the start! Add a screen, LED lighting and heating, and you’ve got a perfect outside cinema room, with authentic background rain sounds and all. Your own bubble of tranquillity you’ll want to escape to, rather than from, and that will have you counting down the days until rain is forecast again.

Convert your shed

We’re big fans of working with what you’ve already got, so if you already have a shed (of any kind) why not take a good hard look at it? Are you making the most of the space, or could it be the location of your new favourite room?

Depending on the size of your shed, an entire tiny house is an option – toilet, kitchen and all! – something that could serve as guest quarters, but that could also be where you escape to for a bit of peace and quiet. But it’s by no means your only option. From a bedroom pod or cosy living room with a squashy sofa to a home gym, put some careful thought into what would bring you most joy on a rainy day, or year-round!

Next, a woman’s answer to a man cave… a She Shed!

Sure, a she shed can technically be any room (just like a man cave isn’t actually a cave), but there’s something satisfying about a she shed actually being set apart from the rest of the house. An entirely different dimension you have to walk to, taking you both physically and mentally away from all the stresses of day-to-day life, and into a room that is truly yours.

Now that we’ve covered some of the major additions you could make to your garden for maximum usage, whatever the weather, let’s talk about some rainy-day activities to help you maximise your outdoor areas in the future…

She shed JML
Photo: JML Garden Rooms

Rainy day Activities

Plan what you’ll plant next

A rainy day is a perfect chance to make plans for the coming season. Browse through seed catalogues, have a good think about grew well and what didn’t, and decide what you might like to try growing next.

While rainy days may not be very common around here, the rain often comes down in buckets, and may well do some damage to more delicate plants. It may be a hard decision to come to, but they might not be worth having if they can’t withstand the climate, and now’s the time to make that decision!

One final tip…

Remember to turn off irrigation when it rains! There’s no point you paying good money to water something that’s already wet, not to mention the importance of water conservation in an area that so often faces droughts.

And with that all covered, we can’t wait to see the outdoor areas you’ll design to turn your rainy days into the best days of the year!